Frequently Asked Questions

AeroBed® Premier Range

1. Dimensions

Single L 188cm x W 99cm x 23 cm supports up to 160 Kg. Item weight: 4.7 Kg.
Double L 188 cm x 137 cm x 23 cm supports up to 220 Kg. Item weight: 5.8 Kg.
Queen: L 198 cm x 152 cm x 23 cm supports up to 250 Kg. Item weight: 6.6 Kg.

2. What’s Included

What¹s included? Each bed comes with its own built-in electric pump, our patented One-Touch Comfort Control Wand, quilted mattress cover (Only platnium raised queen), and durable storage bag. The pump and valve are covered by a two- year limited express warranty. All beds fit standard size sheets.

3. Material

The AeroBed Premier range is made of puncture-resistant, 18 gauge, heavy-duty poly-vinyl chloride (PVC). The material is non-allergenic, and is electronically welded at the seams for superior strength and durability.

4. Cleaning

The AeroBed Premier is made of puncture-resistant, heavy-duty vinyl. It is non-allergenic, non-stainable and cleans up with soap and water or mild household cleaners. Do not use strong chemicals to clean your bed. Allow your AeroBed Premier Classic to air dry completely after cleaning and before storing. The mattress cover is made of a cotton and polyester blend. Machine wash in warm water with mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not dry clean.

5. General Care and Maintenance

1. Inspect your AeroBed prior to each use.
2. Keep your bed away from any sharp objects. Large cuts or snags may not be repairable and will not be covered by your AeroBed Premier Classic warranty.
3. When not in use, store your bed in a clean, dry place out of extreme temperatures.
4. In case of incidental damage where you can not find thoe hole, please give us a call.

6. Important safety information and warnings

It is your responsibility to read and always follow the safety, care and maintenance instructions for your AeroBed. Always instruct and supervise others on the proper use, maintenance and safety of your bed.


Preparation of your AeroBed Premier requires no tools. Use of tools may damage your bed.
1. WARNING: Adult supervision required. Follow all safety instructions to avoid serious injury.
2. WARNING: This product has an electrical component that is not a toy. To avoid risk of fire, burns, injury and shock, it should be not played with or placed where small children can reach it.
3. Remove all sharp objects from area where bed will be set up and used.
4. Do not use this product on abrasive surfaces or near pointed/sharp items or surfaces. Protruding objects may puncture mattress.
5. The mattress is made of PVC and therefore may melt or burn if it comes in contact with any flame or heat source. Do not place it near or against heaters, open flame or other hot objects.
6. Do not use The bed as a Trampolene,High weight pressure in one area will result in seams splitting.

7. Pump details

The AeroBed Premier motor plugs into a normal 240V AC power outlet.

To operate, plug in motor.

Make sure the exit valve at the foot of the bed is fully closed.

Press and hold the button on the AC cord.

The AeroBed inflates automatically, and is fully inflated in about 60 seconds.

You cannot over inflate your AeroBed. Once the AeroBed has been inflated and adjusted for comfort, the pump can be unplugged from the wall outlet.

8. Trouble shooting

Problem: Bed has a broken part

Your AeroBed and pump are guaranteed to be in perfect condition when you receive it. The bed and pump are also guaranteed to perform under normal usage conditions for one year from the date of purchase. If, upon purchase, you discover your bed or pump is in some way defective, or if a part breaks within the warranty period, contact Scorpio Agencies ltd, or return it to the place of purchase for assessment.

Problem: Air Release Valve is broken

If your valve is damaged (e.g., the tab has broken off), you can request a new valve, please contact Scorpio Agencies Ltd

Problem: Product is leaking air

Possible reasons and solutions
1. Air is leaking from the Air Release Valve. If air is leaking from Air Release Valve, carefully remove the round black plastic gasket (or white silicone gasket, depending on model) inside the Air Release Valve cover.

Rinse this gasket in warm water for 10 minutes, then cool and towel dry.

Re-insert gasket in the valve cover, making certain that the side of the gasket with the U-shaped groove faces into the cover. Leave valve in open position for approximately 30 minutes. Then close and proceed with inflation instructions.

2. Air is leaking from a puncture or tear in the product.
If you have a puncture or tear in your product, it may be possible to repair the damage by using the Vinyl Repair Kit included with your product. Follow all instructions and heed all warnings included in the repair kit.

To obtain a new vinyl repair kit, contact Scorpio Agencies Ltd (09 479 5195).

Problem: Bed won’t inflate

Possible reasons and solutions
1. The Air Release Valve is open. If the valve is open, close it by using two thumbs to push cover and snap it into valve.

2. The pump is not plugged in. Plug pump into any 240V AC electrical outlet.

Replacement Valve

If you have attempted all the solutions found on the Troubleshooting Section without success or if your valve is damaged (e.g., the tab has broken off), please contact Consumer Services, to request a new valve.

9. Usage conditions

Your AeroBed Premier is meant to be used as an extra bed, but is durable enough to sleep on every night. Once the AeroBed Premier has been inflated and adjusted for comfort, the pump can be unplugged from the wall and the bed used outside. Do not allow the pump to get wet. Allowing the pump to get wet will void your warranty. Your AeroBed Premier is not a toy and is not meant to be used as a floatation device.

The AeroBed Premier is made of heavy duty puncture resistant PVC. However, avoid leaving sharp objects near the AeroBed Premier due to the risk of punctures. Be sure to use the AeroBed on a flat surface without any sharp points that can puncture the bed. In addition, the AeroBed is engineered to support several hundred kilograms of weight, however, we do not recommend jumping on the AeroBed or using it as a trampoline or toy.